"Valuable insights from stakeholders"

Partnership with Ratecard led to valuable insights in needs and wishes of professionals, customers and suppliers, and a drastically improved NPS

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De Staffing Groep, founded in 1986, matches professionals with the right organization, and vice versa. De Staffing Groep considers it very important what stakeholders think of them. To gain insight into this properly and independently, they use Ratecard.

Previously, we used an extensive qualitative and quantitative satisfaction survey among customers and professionals. We sent this out once or sometimes twice a year. The research certainly provided valuable information and insights. In contrast, it was a time-consuming process and had a low frequency of polling. As a result, we only had results once or twice a year and we were unable to measure whether we were doing well, but above all continued to do well. 

We have been working with Ratecard since Q4 2018. Via Ratecard we request feedback personally, so that we can also contact our professionals and customers after receiving feedback. When the professional or customer has entered feedback, we ask in the questionnaire whether we may contact you to discuss the feedback. Ratecard allows us to go deeper into the wishes and needs of professionals, customers, and suppliers. We always call the professional right back. Processes are improved on the basis of that input. Because we immediately request feedback after every step of the process, we have a very up-to-date picture of any problems experienced and we can tackle them quickly and in a targeted manner. In addition, the collaboration with Ratecard works well, because by using the app, we can also give Ratecard correct feedback for a better working app.

We're collecting feedback on autopilot during all stages to many stakeholder within our key processes. This way, we've created a company-wide habit of collecting feedback and improving every day.

Wessel van Alphen

CEO, De Staffing Groep

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Our motto is: We make our work better and more enjoyabe every day!

José Ester

Businessunit Manager, De Staffing Groep