Multi-channel feedback programs

Personalised emails for high response

Proven email templates

You can choose from many proven templates including a personalized email signature that's dynamically filled with your users' info.

Verified domains

We verify your company's domain name(s) so we can send emails from it and can ensure the highest deliverability at scale.

Capture feedback via your website

Survey types: Button, Banner & Card

Use our different survey types to catch your visitor's attention and ask for feedback (in)directly via a feedback button, banner or card.

Know why your visitors do - or do not - convert

Measure important touch points on your website, e.g. by capturing visitors when they show exit intent on these pages.

Ratecard - Channels - Web

Everyone opens your branded SMS

Brand it like it's hot

You can brand outgoing messages to match your company's name. This way, you make sure recipients will open your SMS.

Use tags for personalisation

You can personalize messages at scale by making use of our extensive list of dynamic tags.

Measure the offline world with QR

Everyone knows how to deal with a QR code

Nowadays, QR is everywhere thanks to built-in functionality on almost all smartphones. Thus, its adoption keeps on growing.

Measure when it matters

Use a QR on your coffee cups or machine, invoices, receipts, and tickets to make sure you measure the experience when it matters.

Ratecard - Channels - QR

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