Feedback on autopilot via Nétive

Measure and improve your candidate, employee & supplier experience. Get reviews to grow your brand. Fully on autopilot.
Ratecard Integration Nétive

Want to optimise your external staffing? No problem.

Plug-and-play integration with Nétive

Pre-built surveys and triggers to get you started

We've built many surveys and triggers that you can use out-of-the-box to measure, improve and grow your professional services in a few clicks.

Personalised messages to increase response rate

The owner of the candidate, customer, employee or supplier will be the sender of your messages. This way, messages feel human and high response rates are ensured. Also, the owner can be tracked back to the feedback collected.

Reports & dashboards via Nétive

Real-time, customisable and shareable

We provide you with CSAT, NPS, comparison, journey and many more out-of-the box dashboards and reports right away.

Export data and share it with anyone

You can export any report, and share it if you like. With other users, or via a public link that you can protect with a password.
Real-time CES, CSAT & NPS dashboards and reports via Ratecard

We support these events

Feedback on autopilot via Nétive

  • Application status changed

    Application status changed

    Ask for feedback whenever an application status is changed in Nétive VMS

  • Offer accepted

    Offer accepted

    Ask for feedback whenever an offer is accepted in Nétive VMS

  • Offer rejected

    Offer rejected

    Ask for feedback whenever an offer is rejected in Nétive VMS

  • Offer sent

    Offer sent

    Ask for feedback whenever an offer is sent in Nétive VMS

  • Job status changed

    Job status changed

    Ask for feedback whenever a job status is changed in Nétive VMS

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Proven survey templates

Ask the right question(s) via Nétive

  • Tags



    How did you find your intake (video)call experience with us? Use this survey template to collect feedback on the candidate intake process.

  • Tags

    Job Interview

    Job Interview

    How did you experience your recent job interview with/via us? Use this survey template to gather feedback on the interview process and make necessary improvements.

  • Tags



    How did the decision make you feel? Utilise this survey template to gather feedback on the rejection process and find ways to enhance the experience.

  • Tags



    Why did you decide to withdraw? Use this survey template to understand the reasons behind withdrawals and gather insights to improve the experience in the future.

  • Tags

    Post Placement

    Post Placement

    Congratulations on your new role! How did you find the recruitment process? Use this survey template to collect feedback before the candidate officially starts.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team, we'll be thrilled to help you!

What costs do you charge per survey that's sent?

We don't charge for surveys sent. Your plan includes an unlimited number of surveys sent.

Is the integration included in the price?

Of course, the integration is included. We'll help you set up the integration; no need for technical skills!

Is onboarding included in the price?

Yes, it is. We help you integrate your app or tool with Ratecard. Next, we'll help you set up your feedback program(s) - no string attached. You'll also receive an extensive walk-through of our app, if you like.