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Prefill data for optimal conversion

We love to help you maximise your response rate. Use hidden fields and prefill these fields with data from your message's verified source to save time and create the best insights possible.

Use logic to route respondents

Let your respondents skip a question - or two - to route them to the exact questions you'd like them to answer. No time to waste.

Custom thank you pages

Negative respondents provide valuable feedback, so we thank them. But we don't ask them for a review, of course.


Personalised emails for high response

Email is - still - one of the best converting communication channels out there. We help you get the most out of this channel. You can choose from many proven email templates including personalised email signature that's dynamically filled with your users' info.

Everyone opens your branded SMS

Don't hesitate to make use of SMS as it's opened almost always, and can be a huge enabler for your communication team.

Measure the offline world with QR

Our QR generator lets you distribute surveys in the offline world, one of the most important channels for many businesses like yours.
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Triggers & actions

Capture owner data and use it for personalisation

The organiser of the meeting or the owner of the contact can be set as the sender of your messages. This way, messages feel human and high response rates are ensured. And owner data can be used for analysing.

Add experience data & filters to your app

We can automatically update custom fields within your favorite app, making sure your native data in your app is up-to-date with the latest experience data. And it can be used for filtering and searching as well.

Embedded charts, dashboards & tabs

We support embedded charts, dashboards and tabs for contact profiles within your app, so a unified experience is guaranteed for your users.

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