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We help you to close your product experience gap

Set up and map your user journey

Connect to touch points within your user journey

We'll automatically capture user data from the ATS, CRM or ERP you are using to administer your user journey, for each touch point

Measure and improve each touch point to grow

Don't stop at knowing what happens, but know why it happens and improve each product touch point to grow your business

Ask the right questions so you can learn

Our metrics: CSAT, CES and NPS

Measure your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Net Promoter Score (NPS) in order to learn how to improve

100+ proven templates for each touch point

Make use of our expertise and proven survey templates in helping you to measure and improve your product experience
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Ask for feedback at the right time

Trigger surveys from your system (optional: add a delay)

We capture data from your ATS, CRM or ERP in real time, so you can trigger surveys in real time as well - with a delay, if necessary

Send event-based, recurring or one-time campaigns

Automate your feedback loop by triggering surveys based on an event, or sending recurring campaigns periodically (e.g. every quarter)

Send automated messages that feel human

Use your user's favorite channel: Email, QR, SMS or web

Measure your user journey in each channel, and make sure you capture the user's full experience

Personalise sender and signature to optimise conversion

Messages can be sent from the person that's in contact with the specific user automatically to increase personal touch and recognizability
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Integrated with your process: 100% on autopilot

Out-of-the-box integration with your favourite apps & tools

We focus on integrating with your favourite ATS, CRM or ERP in order to let you have a kickstart on our platform with a plug-and-play integration

Save time and money by automating your feedback loop

By automating your feedback loop you can focus on the actionable insights gathered, and improve your product experience itself

Get actionable insights to improve every day

Assign, reply, take notes and close the feedback loop

Take full control over your feedback loop and act to improve every day and (further) grow your company

Get valuable insights and find product experience drivers

Filter and analyze insights to make sure you'll find product experience drivers that are crucial for optimising your user journey
Real-time CES, CSAT & NPS dashboards and reports via Ratecard

Identify promoters and grow your business

Find your promoters via our product sentiment analysis

The product sentiment analysis shows you how positive (a) user(s) is/are about (a touch point within) your product journey

Visualise your user journey with engagement scores

Get a visual overview of which user(s) is/are highly engaged, and which aren't - and create business opportunities

Control your reputation and increase visibility

Prove your reputation thanks to verified reviews

We fact check and verify each review via big data analysis and human interpretation in order to prevent fake reviews from being published

Increase visibility via search, social media and job sites

Prove your reputation by collecting and publishing reviews on Glassdoor, Google, Indeed and social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
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Improve your experience on autopilot via our 1,000+ integrations

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